Hiking Safety Tips

Being in the outdoors and in the mountains that surround the Wasatch Valley is one of the favorite past times of almost every single member of our Cutting Edge family. With the warm weather, who doesn’t want to get away from the city and spend a couple of hours in the midst of nature?

The Outbound Collective has compiled a list of Salt Lake City’s Top 6 Spring Hikes that gives some great ideas of hikes that you can do in the next couple of weeks and into the summer.

White Pine Lake | Little Cottonwood Canyon

Donut Falls | Big Cottonwood Canyon

The Brighton Lakes – Mary, Martha, and Catherine | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Broads Fork Basin | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Willow Lake | Big Cottonwood Canyon

Bell Canyon | Just south of Little Cottonwood Canyon

But with any hike or outdoor activity you want to make sure that you are taking care of your body and staying safe. So for all of our beginning hikers out there, check out the Hiking Safety Tips presented by Hiking Beginner.

“Do not travel alone, know where you’re going, take some basic gear, take basic provisions, exercise common sense (Always)”


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