Ribs Causing Pain Elsewhere?

Did you know that if you have pain in your shoulders, mid back, or abdomen, it could actually be originating from your ribs?

Random fact about your ribs: there are over 100 joints in your chest that are involved in just taking one breath. Each of your 12 ribs has to move in a specific way to breathe efficiently.

Here at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy, we give a full body evaluation to pinpoint where your pain could be originating from. One part of your body could be affecting another and we specifically evaluate to see if this is the case. We work with the body as a whole, rather than just your individual body parts.

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Check out this article published by the Pain Physician Journal about Painful Rib Syndrome.

Multi-Modal Treatment Approach to Painful Rib Syndrome: Case Series and Review of the Literature


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