Have a Lighter Thanksgiving!

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving?

I mean, come on. The air is getting crispier (if it hasn’t snowed already, I wonder if we’ll have snow this year…), all your family and friends gathered together. I can already imagine all the chatter in the room. But my all time favorite is, of course, the food!

Gorging myself on turkey, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie, I normally will fall into a food coma and then go for round two a couple hours later. I save this ritual for Thanksgiving only because it’s seriously the one holiday where I usually gain weight.

Well, because I’m hoping I’m not the only one out there that does this, I’m hoping that with a little healthier food alteration and some post-Thanksgiving workout, I can feast without the guilt!

So, thanks to the all-amazing EatingWell.com, they’ve got some heathier versions of Thanksgiving classics!


First up, a Thanksgiving staple: the turkey. A healthier choice from the deep-fried version of this classic is herb-roasting!


Check out the recipe here.




Next up, we have a gluten-free green bean casserole. I can never get enough of this stuff! And with homemade crispy onion topping… drool!


Check it out here.





Mashed potatoes. Buttermilk-sage mashed potatoes, to be exact. My stomach is growling as I write this post. This low calorie recipe will pair perfectly with the turkey!


Get the recipe here.





These caramelized spiced pears are great because you can reuse them to top your post-Thanksgiving Day breakfast! Delicious!


Check it out here.





And no Thanksgiving is complete without a second dessert. Not only delicious, but heart healthy too! And what doesn’t say Autumn like Spiced Apple Bread Pudding.


Get here right here.



Make sure to check out all of Eating Well’s Clean-Eating Thanksgiving Recipes. You won’t regret it. Unless your starving. Cause they are seriously drool-worthy.

And with all the food, we must include some post-Thanksgiving dinner with some easy to-do exercises. I know you’re probably thinking:

Who wants to exercise right after I ate all that food?

Well, I think you’re going to like these. Shape.com has provided us with these 3 simple exercises for those of us who ate too much.

  1. Do some yoga.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Hula hoop!

Check out the website here for more details!

So now that you have some delicious and healthy Thanksgiving dishes and 3 easy exercises to help digest all that food,

Have an amazing Thanksgiving!


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