UPTA Award Nominees Wanted!

So the UPTA, aka the Utah Physical Therapy Association, has kicked off their 2016 winter newsletter and they are putting out the call! Award nominations for Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant of the Year! As you all know, we have many AMAZING, FANTASTIC physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in our clinic for you to choose from!

Physical Therapists
  • Cheryl Farnsworth
  • Toni Allison
Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Kara Duffin
  • Allie Gold


And although the 2016 Friend of Physical Therapy has been chosen, we’re placing our vote for 2017!

Say hello to our vote:

Ryan Church, DNP from the MountainStar Spine Comprehensive Centers!


Check out all about him here!

We encourage you all to get out there and vote! **Hint hint, Ryan Church for Friend of Physical Therapy!**

Check out http://www.uptaonline.org/awardnom or click here to place your vote today!

Just head to the bottom of the screen (don’t worry about logging in) and put your nominee, your name and your email! You can also include your phone number, and a summary of why you choose your nominee if you would like!

So go vote today!!





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