My HypnoBirthing Experience – Part One

**The HypnoBirthing experience blog posts are personal blog posts done by a CEPT staff member. Please keep in mind that these are personal opinions and experiences and may not apply to everyone.

Hello everyone!

I’m Caitlin and I am an employee here at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy. As you may have seen in a past blog post, one of us here in the clinic is expecting.


It’s me.

I agreed to share my pregnancy journey with the world through this blog (this blog reaches the world, right? Well, close enough for me.) So, I figured the best way to start is to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me and my story.

So, I’m a twenty-something married to the most wonderful man ever (yes, I’m slightly biased!), Taylor, and we have an amazing son named Ian. So yes, this is my second pregnancy. I actually met Jolene (our Hypnotherapist) during my first pregnancy, when she was located right above CEPT’s old location in Salt Lake City right by St. Mark’s Hospital. She had offered her HypnoBirthing services to me then and I didn’t take her up on them.


My last pregnancy wasn’t too terrible of one.

The first trimester I was riddled with morning sickness and tired as ever. The second trimester went way better and I got my energy back, the morning sickness wore off for the most part, and I was excited to see my little baby grow! By the third trimester, I was feeling like a whale, I had low back pain from a low sitting baby, and I was ready to finally hold my little man in my arms rather than my belly.

Long story short, my birth went okay. Though I may not have thought so at the time. I was in actual labor (in the hospital) for only about 6 – 6 1/2 hours before Ian was born, so not too long. I did have an epidural and that’s where things sort of turned for the worst. The epidural started off amazing, I could only feel the pressure of the contractions, I wasn’t writhing in pain, and I felt like I could breathe again.

And then the pain in my right leg started. And slowly started to spread.

BANG…BAM…BOOM… we’ll skip forward and Ian was born. I later came to find that my epidural had completely worn off before I gave birth and I, more or less, did the whole thing naturally (and without knowing it, I might add!) Ok, I may be a pansy to those who went natural from the very beginning, but all I could think was:

If an epidural birth was that painful, I don’t know how people can do it naturally. Kudos to them!

You can actually read about it in my own personal blog, OneHeckofaLife. The post is The Day I Became a Mother.

We’ll take another jump forward to now. I am 9 weeks pregnant now (so, I haven’t even told anyone other than close friends and family yet that we’re even expecting! So consider yourselves lucky! And if any of my family and friends that don’t know are reading this, then SURPRISE!)

This pregnancy has been different in its own ways from my last. My morning sickness is way worse, to the point where I need to take medication just to function during the day. It also makes everything sound unappetizing which I find a major inconvenience (as I’m sure my husband finds too). Afternoon naps and relaxing on the couch won’t be as easy this go-around either, now that I have Ian to watch over.

Luckily, now that Jolene has partnered with CEPT, I am taking her up on her offer for HypnoBirthing! So far, she has provided me with a CD (and card so I can download them to my phone!) with two HypnoBirthing tracks, Birthing Affirmations and Rainbow Relaxation. I’m to listen to Birthing Affirmations in the morning as I rise for my day and Rainbow Relaxation as I go to sleep. I’m going to try them out for a week and then I will post about how it has gone so far!

I figured these posts should be about honesty, right? So, I think that giving you a glimpse at my thoughts on HypnoBirthing would probably be the way to go.

Do I believe in hypnosis?

I’ve only seen hypnosis done in movies and once, or twice, during a stage show. When I think hypnosis, I think someone waving a pocket watch in front of my face and making me think that I’m a chicken. So, yes, I believe in it and it sort of creeps me out.

Why am I doing HypnoBirthing this pregnancy?

I chose not to try HypnoBirthing when I was offered my first pregnancy because the whole idea of it was not something I was interested in at the time. It was my first pregnancy and I had this whole plan already of how everything was supposed to go. Not until later, did I find out that things don’t always go to plan. So this pregnancy, I figured ‘what’s the harm?’ If my epidural wears off this time, I’ll have a back-up plan. If the HypnoBirthing doesn’t work, I did natural birth once, I’ll just do it again.

How does my husband feel about me doing HypnoBirthing?

I literally just asked him and he shrugged his shoulders and said  “I don’t know.”

Will I recommend HypnoBirthing to others?

I always recommend trying new things to others if they are comfortable with it. Just like I wasn’t during my first pregnancy, I understand if others feel the same. No judgment. I don’t know if it will work for me yet since I’m just starting, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for someone else. I guess ask me again after I give birth.

As I go along this pregnancy, I will post about my experience and the classes and how they make me feel and will let you have an inside look at what goes on! I can’t promise that HypnoBirthing will work for me, but I am always willing to try! (And don’t let it stop you from trying either. I mean, come on, Jolene even offers a FREE informational class for HypnoBirthing at the clinic!)

So I’m excited to share this amazing journey with you and I hope that you enjoy sharing it with me too.



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