My HypnoBirthing Experience – Part 4

** The HypnoBirthing experience blog posts are personal posts done by a CEPT staff member. Please keep in mind that these are personal opinions and experiences and may not apply to everyone.

Hello everyone! Sorry about the LONG wait for this final post about my HypnoBirthing experience! Thank you so much for being patient with me! So the last you heard from me, I was 36 weeks along and we talked about Jolene’s HypnoBirthing classes that she does at Cutting Edge Physical Therapy.

Well, let me introduce you to the newest member of my family…

Owen Wayne Heckenliable

Born September 18, 2017 at 1:08 PM

7 lbs, 6 oz | 19 inches long


Oh my gosh! I am completely in awe of this little boy. I am absolutely smitten with him! Today, Owen is 9 weeks old and is growing fast! He’s a little chunk and he looks just like me! My first little boy, Ian, has blond hair and blue eyes, and Owen (so far) has brunette hair and brown eyes!


Well, I’m sure you are all so anxious to hear about how my birth went and how HypnoBirthing went for me.

Well, I have some disappointing news…

I didn’t end up using the HypnoBirthing techniques for a natural birth.

I was induced the morning of September 18th and had an epidural.

I know, I know, I came all this way to not even use HypnoBirthing. Well, to be honest, I did use HypnoBirthing techniques in a way. I used the breathing techniques that we learned as my contractions progressed which helped SIGNIFICANTLY! And I was much more prepared for this birth and less afraid thanks to the Fear Release that I got from Jolene!

After jumping back and forth between having an epidural or not, when it was time for me to give birth, going natural just didn’t feel right to me. I wanted to be comfortable and go as pain-free as I could so I opted for the epidural.

If you would like to read Owen’s birth story, check out my personal blog, OneHeckofaLife, or click the blog title below:

The Day I Became of Mother… of Two

So, I’m going to go back and re-answer the questions that I asked at the beginning of my pregnancy in my first blog post, My HypnoBirthing Experience – Part One.

Do I believe in hypnosis?

I do. After taking the HypnoBirthing classes and having a personal session with Jolene, I can absolutely attest that hypnosis works!

Why am I doing HypnoBirthing this pregnancy?

I originally did HypnoBirthing as a back-up in case my epidural failed again during this birth. Though I didn’t use HypnoBirthing to have a natural birth, I did use many of the techniques taught. Plus, my epidural worked amazingly this time!

How does my husband feel about me doing HypnoBirthing?

He was absolutely amazing and so supportive throughout the entire process. He attended all the classes with me and he supported all my decisions when they switched back and forth if I was going to get the epidural or not.

Will I recommend HypnoBirthing to others?

Most definitely. Unfortunately, I’m unable to give a full description of what a birth is like using ONLY HypnoBirthing, but I truly believe that the techniques that you learn can be used in all types of birth! So, I would say everyone should look into HypnoBirthing!

I want to give a personal shoutout to Jolene Shields, for being absolutely amazing throughout my entire pregnancy and for always being there if I needed ABSOLUTELY anything! So, thanks Jolene!

I am so excited to have Owen in my life and I know that all his family and friends feel the same! So, thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey with me!



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