Ready for something NEW

When Cutting Edge Physical Therapy moved into the Clocktower on 45th in late 2015/early 2016, it was a new beginning. 

CEPT was upgrading in location and all the staff was so excited for the change. As our intended suite on the second floor was under construction, we occupied an empty suite on the first floor of the Clocktower.

Check out the pictures below to see what our clinic to be looked like under construction:

With new paint, carpet, furniture, and décor, CEPT was in for a compete makeover. The walls were painted with soothing shades of purples and grays (designed after the many stones that live here in the clinic) with a pop of red here and there. The whole ambience of the clinic was healing.

When we moved in, we were in heaven!

The suite to the left of the elevator was all ours.

Not soon after, we were getting awfully busy. With our growing number of new patients, we knew it was time to do something about our space. More like lack of. Lucky for us, the suite to the left of us opened up and we were able to add it (with some modifications) to the space that we were currently in.

Walls were torn down, others put up. A whole new space was created and there was so much more room! It was stunning!

A beautiful green tone (also modeled after some stones living in the clinic) was added to compliment the purples that already filled the clinic.

As our clinic grew in size, so did our business. To our physical therapy services, we added hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing classes, naturopathic services, massage, yoga, and so much more! Our Cutting Edge family grew with so many different people, personalities and talents!

And now as we venture further into 2018, we have even more exciting news.

We’re expanding even further!

The suite that lays right to the elevator is becoming one with the Cutting Edge Physical Therapy clinic!

A new space for our healing haven. 

Anticipated completion date will hopefully be late March/early April!

But what is going to be in the new space you must be wondering.

Well that is still in the works with more details coming soon! So stay tuned for further updates.



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