I am so grateful for Cheryl! She saved me! After seeing 2 doctors, going to Instacare, and a trip to the ER after my back seized up, not one person could help me or tell me what was wrong. They gave me pain pills and sent me on my way. I was miserable, and 33 weeks pregnant. My OB referred me to Cutting Edge Physical Therapy, to see Cheryl. She was the first to really examine me thoroughly. She immediately saw that all my ribs in my back were out of alignment, that were sending my muscles into spasms. After one visit, I felt tremendously better! I cried and hugged her the first time I got off the table. I couldn’t believe the difference after she worked on me. I went a total of 4 times, and feel like myself again! She was kind, sympathetic, professional and knew what she was doing. She helped me understand why I was in pain, how we could treat it, and how to recover. I am beyond grateful for her and her staff! I will recommend her to everyone. Thank you Cheryl!!