This is the best physical therapy I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been to 5-6 physical therapists before coming here. At other clinics they mainly have you perform exercises, get hand-outs of the exercises and return weekly to check on your progress. This always seemed pretty silly to me. I easily could go to one session, take the exercise hand-outs and work on everything on my own. At Cutting Edge PT they are hands-on, as well as providing you with the exercises. they will make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, and you can come in on any of your days to use their equipment for the exercises. They taught me to do simple adjustments to correct my hip and back alignment that have allowed me to be without back pain in the nine months since I first saw them. Prior to that I would throw my back out every six months and other PTs did not help at all. I initially came here to rehab a broken ankle, but they addressed all of my issues (sacrum, hips, back, etc.) I can’t imagine finding a better therapist. It’s true that there’s about a 40-50 minutes wait with heat, electric stimulation, or ice, but it is well worth the wait. I usually schedule 1:30 hours for my 1 hour appointment. Fantastic!